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Plug-and-Use Curriculum

The Town4kids curriculum is designed for children aged 3 to 7. The curriculum is anchored on a holistic and fun-based approach. Its modular design and thematic approach allows schools to integrate the program into their own curriculum, or simply plug-and-use. The program covers the full spectrum of the kindergarten curriculum, including:

Language development
Numeracy skills
Art and craft
Music and movement
Psychomotor development
Socio-emotional development

Curriculum | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Interactive Multimedia Courseware

The curriculum is fully supported by an interactive multimedia courseware that contains hundreds of interactive lessons and activities spanning across various topics and subjects. The courseware can be installed in a multimedia lab, or in a classroom with interactive whiteboard or interactive projector. The activities are designed to motivate children to learn through fun and games.

Multimedia | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Printable Worksheets

Lessons are also supported by worksheets that teachers can download and print. The worksheets contain structured exercises that reinforce the learning objectives in each lesson, and work in conjunction with the multimedia courseware. Some of the student works (e.g. art projects) can be put up in class in the form of a learning wall, or learning corners, to create a stimulating learning environment for students.

Worksheets | Town4kids Kindergarten System

Home Learning

A dedicated Student App (for iOS and Android devices) designed to support home learning is provided free to students. The Student App, together with the classroom curriculum, creates an integrated school-home learning environment. The app incorporates built-in features that support shared reading with parents and learn-to-speak function using advanced speech recognition engine for self-learning.

Home Learning | Town4kids Kindergarten System

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