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Curriculum Integration

The Town4kids curriculum can be easily integrated into your school’s existing curriculum. Its modular and thematic approach allows schools to plug-and-use the curriculum easily. The multimedia contents and worksheets cover common theme-based topics.

Full Subscription Only

Schools cannot choose to subscribe to only parts of Town4kids Kindergarten System. The Kindergarten System is offered as an integrated solution which enables us to offer the full package at the most cost effective manner to our customers. However, upon subscription, schools may choose to use only certain features of the program according to their needs.

Hardware Requirement

The interactive multimedia software can be installed on any Windows laptop or PC. It currently does not run on iMacs or Mac laptops. If your school already has a multimedia lab with a projector, and your teachers are already equipped with laptops, there is little or even no additional hardware investment to use the classroom software.

Although it is not compulsory to use the program with an interactive whiteboard or an interactive projector, having one installed allows students to respond to the activities using an interactive pen. If your center does not have one installed, you may consider purchasing from any 3rd-party vendor (download vendor list).

Student App, Teacher App and Parent App

The apps run on Android and iOS devices (phones or tablets). They are free apps and can be downloaded from App Store (for iOS devices); Google Play Store or Baidu App Store (for Android devices). The respective apps can then be activated using the Student, Teacher or Parent ID and password (ID and password are generated upon account creation by school administrator and emailed to users).

Internet Connection Requirement

Administration System:
The cloud-based administration system requires an always-on internet connection.

The interactive multimedia software used in the classroom requires internet connection for the initial program activation and subsequent renewal of subscription. Once the program is activated or the subscription is renewed, an always-on internet connection is not required to access most of its contents and features.

The Student App, Teacher App and Parent App (installed on smartphones or tablets) require internet access. If WIFI is not available, these devices will need access to the internet via the device’s own 3G/4G data plan.

Teacher Training

Teacher training is provided via the Teacher App in the form of video and online resources. We provide online support (via email) to all our customers. We do not provide on-site face-to-face training.

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